Monday, December 12, 2016

Artist Statement - Artist Page (Wayne Thiebaud)

This is a painting called “A caged pie” by Wayne Thiebaud. I was attracted by this work at first glance for its simpleness of composition and variety of color. Like most of his works, Wayne’s ability of portraying color vividly is always a highlight that appealed to the audience. In my enlargement of a part of the original painting, i mainly focus on the depiction of color by mixing oil pastel with different color. It took me a while to experiment but the process is very delightful. In general, i feel very good about my paint and hope you like it! 

Artist Statement - Item Drawing

This is my drawing of the following items. My goal is to portray the object in good shape and color. However, in my opinion, i did not fully achieve my goal. Thought i experiment color by mixing different pastel, the color i had on the painting is kind of different than the original object. The color of the shadow is also a bit off. If i can do this again, i will definitely do more work about the color and try to make the drawing as realistic is i can. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Photography assignment #6 - Leftover

A list of the remaining Thanksgiving homework

60 page leftover to read

Waiting for the leftover of the download

Days leftover until go back to China

Some leftover Chinese food 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tweet - Photography drawing

          My drawing of plane is here! It took me SO long to finish up and i think the planes looks good in general. It is kind of hard to drawing the plane from photograph since everything is flat instead of in 3D. Hope you like it and have a grt day!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Artist statement - Carry out box drawing

Above is my carry out box drawing. It took me about 5 class to finish. I think this is one of my best work among all the drawing. My primary goal is to depict the shape and the shadow of the box as realistic as possible, as well as make the chopsticks lead the viewers into the box. I accomplish my goal by spending time observe the object carefully and trying different item placement for best shadow. The working process was fairly smooth since we had done multiple drawing of shadow and shape. From this drawing i strengthen my skill in using different value of shadows. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Artist Statement - Object drawing

This is my work of drawing an object by pencil. In general, I feel good about the proportion and the showed of this drawing. The reasons for choosing this object are its interesting shape and cast shadow for a good sketch. In this drawing, my main goal is to make it looks like a three-dimenstion object on sketchbook. The goal was accomplished mostly by using pencil to measure the ratio of the object and employ the same ratio on the sketch. For the difficulty, I had a hard time on keep everything realistically such as shape, shadow and ratio. For overcoming the challenge, one thing i tried is to spend more time in observing the object and it did works for me. If i had to do such drawing again, i will definitely attempt to make it more realistic and 3D. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Artist Statement - Pumpkin drawing

This is my pumpkin drawing work that took me two weeks to finish. My primary goal is to emphasis the light and shadow of the object extentsively by using charcoal stick and white chalk. General speaking, this work is not very difficult for me since we had spent a lot of time on light and shadow. One challenge i faced during the drawing process, as i always do, is to be able to portray the distinct level of shadow. I tried to meet the challenge by observing the object in detail and applying different force in drawing with charcoal stick. It is really fun to "draw" the shadow by erasing and creating such contrast between high light and deep cast shadow. To me, i think this is my best work in studio 1 so far. 

Photography assignment #5 - Light and shadow

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Photography assignment #3 - Family

My parents and my little brother

My father

My mom

My little brother

My friends in China 

Letter Sculpture drawing

This is my letter sculpture drawing for the word "Peace". I feel very good about the overall textures and organization. My primary goal is to create a smoothness for the lines and the different value of shadows. I use the shading technique that Mr. Gaudreau told us and the paper towel technique for accomplishing my goal. The biggest struggle for me is to keep my shadow in same texture and value all the time. It is very challenging to maintain the balance of shadow and i try to overcome the challenge by drawing carefully and using paper towel for getting a smooth texture. Obviously, the thing I learn that can benefit my next painting is drawing smooth shadows in different values.  If i had to redo this painting again, that i would try to make it looks more three-dimensional by adjusting the depth of the letter and depicting the shadow more realistically, as inspired by Ivy's work. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Arthur Zhang - Fairfield Porter

This is my artist page of Fairfield Porter, who is a realist painter and art critic. I love how he use coloring technique to summarize his surrounding without losing the realistic sense by having profound understanding of the relationship between abstract and realistic art. Also his drawing island farmhouse reminds me my hometown, which is a island in southern China. It will be awesome if i can put his style in portraying my hometown.