Monday, December 12, 2016

Artist Statement - Artist Page (Wayne Thiebaud)

This is a painting called “A caged pie” by Wayne Thiebaud. I was attracted by this work at first glance for its simpleness of composition and variety of color. Like most of his works, Wayne’s ability of portraying color vividly is always a highlight that appealed to the audience. In my enlargement of a part of the original painting, i mainly focus on the depiction of color by mixing oil pastel with different color. It took me a while to experiment but the process is very delightful. In general, i feel very good about my paint and hope you like it! 

Artist Statement - Item Drawing

This is my drawing of the following items. My goal is to portray the object in good shape and color. However, in my opinion, i did not fully achieve my goal. Thought i experiment color by mixing different pastel, the color i had on the painting is kind of different than the original object. The color of the shadow is also a bit off. If i can do this again, i will definitely do more work about the color and try to make the drawing as realistic is i can.