Monday, October 24, 2016

Artist Statement - Pumpkin drawing

This is my pumpkin drawing work that took me two weeks to finish. My primary goal is to emphasis the light and shadow of the object extentsively by using charcoal stick and white chalk. General speaking, this work is not very difficult for me since we had spent a lot of time on light and shadow. One challenge i faced during the drawing process, as i always do, is to be able to portray the distinct level of shadow. I tried to meet the challenge by observing the object in detail and applying different force in drawing with charcoal stick. It is really fun to "draw" the shadow by erasing and creating such contrast between high light and deep cast shadow. To me, i think this is my best work in studio 1 so far. 

Photography assignment #5 - Light and shadow

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Photography assignment #3 - Family

My parents and my little brother

My father

My mom

My little brother

My friends in China 

Letter Sculpture drawing

This is my letter sculpture drawing for the word "Peace". I feel very good about the overall textures and organization. My primary goal is to create a smoothness for the lines and the different value of shadows. I use the shading technique that Mr. Gaudreau told us and the paper towel technique for accomplishing my goal. The biggest struggle for me is to keep my shadow in same texture and value all the time. It is very challenging to maintain the balance of shadow and i try to overcome the challenge by drawing carefully and using paper towel for getting a smooth texture. Obviously, the thing I learn that can benefit my next painting is drawing smooth shadows in different values.  If i had to redo this painting again, that i would try to make it looks more three-dimensional by adjusting the depth of the letter and depicting the shadow more realistically, as inspired by Ivy's work.